Official COVID19 PCR Viral Transport Kits

  • Official COVID-19/PCR Viral Transport Kits
  • Used for collection, storage and transportation
    of human nasopharyngeal virus samples
  • Unused VTM medium can be transported at room temperature
  • Sample transport temperature requirement &
    storage time: 2 to 4 C°, 48h
  • Individually wrapped and sterile
  • Purchase entire kit, vials separately and
    nasal swabs separately if needed.

We sell PCR Viral Transport kits for your laboratory or hospital

Product Offerings

Viral Transport Kits

Viral Transport Medium Kit. Including a 10ml tube with 3ml viral solution (FDA Registered) and a 150mm nasal swab made of flocked nylon fiber (FDA Registered) and a Biohazard Bag.

VTM Vial Only

Viral Transport Medium Tube. 10ml tube with 3 ml viral transport solution (FDA Registered)

Flocked Nasal Swab

150 mm Nasal Flocked Swab made of flocked nylon fiber with an 80mm break point. Swab head is 20mm in length (FDA Registered)